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Lawyer specializing in Immigration Law, Family Law, Discrimination Law, and Personal Injury 

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Welcome to the Law Offices of Robert M. Warren. Attorney Robert M. Warren services the Boston metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, with an office in Jamaica Plain, Ma. Our specialties include Immigration Law, Family Law and personal injury, among other areas. Our priorities consist of assisting you in obtaining a legal status in the United States, providing families with the legal counseling and support they need, fighting for the settlement you are entitled to, and more.

From the corner of Centre St and Green Street, it's only a few steps up green street. 

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Attorney Robert M. Warren

Lawyer specializing in Immigration Law, Family Law, Discrimination Law, Personal Injury with vast experience in front of Massachusetts state courts, federal courts, and United States Immigration Courts. Attorney Robert Warren has over 25 years of experience as an Immigration lawyer and thousands of cases to draw experience from. 

The Attorney has traveled throughout Latin America making connections with people all over these countries. Attorney Robert Warren has also participated in several fact-finding missions focused on human rights such as the dissapearances of the 43 students in Mexico in 2014.

Both the Attorney and staff are fluent in Spanish with a native speaker with over 10 years of experience as a legal assistant.  

News Articles

U.S. Lawyers critize the attitude of the Secretary of State

  • City of Mexico (November 19 2016) .- Lawyers who defend Immigrants in the United States criticized the measures announced by the Secretary of State regarding how to deal with Mexican citizens before the plans of President-elect Donald Trump take effect. 

Immigration Panel hosted by Brookline High School

  • The Legal Studies classes at Brookline Highschool hosted this panel with the purpose of learning more about the resources, policies, and challenges affecting the Immigrant population. 


  • On September 26, 2014 several dozen students were preparing to travel from rural Iguala, Guerrero to Mexico City for the annual march and protest of their government’s massacre of over 500 student protesters in Mexico City on the eve of the 1968 summer Olympics.

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