Deportation and Removal Proceedings Defense

We understand that for an Immigrant the fear of deportation is a constant concern and that is why we offer services aimed to guide you through this stressful situation.

A removal proceeding usually known as deportation, occurs whenever an alien from the United States is found to be removable from the country based on violation of the Immigration laws of the United States inside the country.  Every immigrant in the United States can be subject to deportation reagardless of their current situation based on the followings:

  • The immigrant entered the country by crossing the border of the United States without proper documentation.
  • The immigrant entered the country legally but overstayed their status. For example, an immigrant who entered through a tourist visa who decides to stay beyond their permit is subject to deportation.
  • Any immigrant who has committed a crime while in the United States could potentially face deportation regardless of the severity of the crime. This also applies to immigrants who currently hold a legal status such as a permanent residence.

If you or someone you know is currently facing a process of deportation please contact us as soon as possible. Attorney Robert Warren specializes in Deportation Hearings and defenses which could allow you to stay in  the United States such as:

  • Application for Political Asylum 
  • Adjustment of Status: certain immigrants might qualify for relief if they meet certain criterias
  • Deferred Action

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