Family Law


 During stressful and emotional times it is better to have an experienced Lawyer guiding you through the process. Attorney Robert Warren promises to be the person for the job. Divorces do not have to be messy and our offices will provide you with the counseling necessary as well as the representation you need to make sure you get through this as satisfyingly as possible. 

Child Custody

 The wellbeing of your child is our office's top priority. We will work together with you to protect and secure the custody of your child. We promise discretion, and years of experience that will allow us to answer any question you might have. 


 Here, at the Law Offices of Attorney Robert Warren, we understand the difficult decisions that sometimes have to be made in life. For those who want to ensure the wellbeing of their loved ones we offer services to make the transition during this period of time as private and seamless as possible. 

Other Services

Personal Injury

Were you victim of an accident due to reckless behavior by a company or Individual? Attorney Robert Warren will right any wrongs done to you and will not rest until a proper settlement is obtained

Real Estate

We provide assistance with both commercial and private real estate to ensure you obtain the desired transaction you were looking for. Attorney Robert Warren is also available to represent tenants involved in housing disputes that they seek to contest.

Employment Discrimination

According to Massachusetts law no individual shall ever suffer discrimination on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. 

As your represantive Attorney Robert Warren will relentlessly work to ensure justice is served and you receive nothing less than fair treatment